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House Lude

Murcia, Spain
by Grupo Aranea

Lude wanted a house in the traditional village center of Cehegín, on the homes of his mother and sister. the Lude House poses a particular way of relating to their immediate environment. Immersed in a dense urban fabric avoid opening holes directly in front, as does the rest of its neighbors, to..

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Barozzi / Veiga

Barcellona, Spain
est. 2004, Barcellona

Spanish architect Alberto Veiga and Italian architect Fabrizio Barozzi began collaborating in 2004, making a name for themselves with a series of award-winning submissions to architectural competitions in Europe. Their unique and strikingly beautiful buildings and designs, often inspired by the..

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360 House

Madrid, Spain
by Subarquitectura

The sweeping form of 360 House overlaps at one point and gradually ramps down to accommodate the slope of the terrain. 360 House has continuous fenestration along the east-facing side to offer panoramic views of mountains in the distance while descending through the house.

Authors made an..

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Demšar arhitekti

Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. Ljubljana

No More Information Available.

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Francis Kere

Berlin, Germany
born 1965, Gando

Diébédo Francis Kéré is a German-trained architect from West African town of Gando in Burkina Faso. As the first son of the head of his village, he was the only child allowed to attend school. After excelling in his studies, Kéré was awarded a scholarship to apprentice in Germany. He then..

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The Cultural Centre of Belém (Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB)) is located in Santa Maria de Belém, near the riverfront west of Lisbon, between the dual Avenida da Índia-Avenida de Brasília motorway and Rua Bartolomeu Dias. It is the largest building with cultural facilities in Portugal. The Belém..

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Carlos Castanheira

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1957, Lisbon

Carlos Castanheira is a member of the generation of Portuguese architects who consider themselves professional descendants of Alvaro Siza, with whom Castaneira worked for fourteen years.

Castanheira is known for his work with timber frames and architectural components, with a focus on the..

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Kristin Jarmund

Oslo, Norway
born 1954, Jarmund

Kristin Jarmund is a Norwegian architect, educated at the Norwegian Institute of Technology and the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Since 1985, she has run her own company. Her work focuses on attaining formal and functional simplification in complex situations. Her special..

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Fokus Bank

Oslo, Norway
by Kristin Jarmund

The building is placed on one of the capital’s most prominent corners, directly facing Oslo’s most important and central public space – with the Parliament and the National Theatre in close proximity. The buildings along the two streets that meet at this corner represent a wide range of..

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Barclay & Crousse

Lima, Peru
est. 1994, Paris

Founded in 1994 in Paris, France, by Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse. From 2006 on, the studio is based in Lima, Peru, maintaining its activity in France with Guilhem Roustan and Jean Marc Viste, partners of the Parisian studio Atelier Nord-Sud.

Their work manage a wide range of..

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An archaeological museum must find the delicate balance between heritage conservation exposed and release to the public. A site museum, as the Paracas, acquires the additional challenge of having to integrate into the landscape that was the cradle of this culture, which is now part of the most..

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A presidential commission led by Nobel prized Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, launched in 2010 a national architecture competition for the construction of the Place of Memory, a place where people from diverse political a social origins work together to reach a possible reconciliation between..

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The facility is conceived as an extension of the arid forest of Algarrobos that characterize the northern Peruvian desert, providing shade in a hot and dry climate.

A new generic classroom and faculty offices in UDEP campus, situated in the hot desert in the North of Peru, is the opportunity..

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House T

Gamlitz, Austria
by Atelier Ulrike Tinnacher

[h]Amidst the vines[/h]
Seen from afar, House T looks like a small landmark on the horizon. It makes a simple and quite unobtrusive impression. A closer look, however, reveals that it was designed with great care and love of detail. An old winegrower’s cottage on top of a 400-year old vaulted..

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Gangoly and Kristiner Architects

Graz, Austria
est. 2007, Graz

Gangoly and Kristiner Architects were founded in Graz, Austria. Hans Gangoly was born in 1959 in Oberwart, Burgenland and he studied architecture at the Technical University of Graz where he graduated in 1988. Irene Kristiner was born in 1968 in Weiz, Styria and she studied architecture in Graz..

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Roston-on-Don, Russia
born 2013, Roston on Don

Architectural studio Chado practice complex approach to the project realization. The non-typical decision of standard tasks guarantees exclusivity of the project. Nowadays Chado realizes projects worldwide, in this moment the projects in Montenegro, Russia, Italy and Latvia. The team: Evgeny..

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Manuel Ocaña

Madrid, Spain
born 2000, Madrid

Manuel Ocaña Architecture and Thought Production Office has developed a wide range of projects from landscape design to heritage restoration. The office operates as a médium between technology, art and the cultural demands craved by sociocultural demands, through a creative interpretation of..

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Ayelén School

Rancagua, Chile
by Alejandro Aravena

The Ayelén School was created by the NPO Fundación Impulsa to provide free access to quality education, in a country where access to good education greatly depends on family income.

Quality education is based on a clear methodological approach and architecture must contribute with spaces that..

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Josep Lluís Mateo

Barcelona, Spain
born 1949, Barcelona

Josep Lluis Mateo graduated in Architecture in 1974 from the ETSAB and gained his doctorate at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 1994. He has been Professor of the Architecture and Projects Department at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich (ETH-Z) since 2002. He has also taught at..

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Lokdepot 123

Berlin, Germany
by Robertneun

The housing project in Lokdepot street is an unconventional and alternative experiment of future living forms. Within the Atelier Loidl, landscape office's collaboration, the project aims to designs an inner-city able to dialogue with the Gleisdreieck Park urban development. That new-scale..

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