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Architectural competition for the temporary solution of the Republic Square in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1983. One of the first postmodern works at that time which was awarded by the III prize.

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The increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is leading to an increase in global temperature, which in turn raises the sea levels. This project speculates on a utopian future where Rio is no longer part of continental Brazil but rather a recently formed archipelago, caused by the..

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Mist Fountain

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Nejc Lebar, ...

The Mist Fountain is in many ways a reaction towards the competition requirements calling for a water sculpture in the newly gentrified centre of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The requirements for water sculpture connected to »genius loci« of the city called for a design as the uppermost..

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New Victorian

Glasgow, United Kingdom

New Victorian is a work of art and architecture that is intended as a connector between the proposed building, the urban landscape and the public and private realms. The proposal draws upon Hackney’s craft heritage, its prominence as a centre of the silk weaving industry in the 17th and 18th..

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The starting point of our Wannenraum project is Covelano marble and everything that has formed it over millions of years. After being shaped by heat, pressure and time, marble blocks are cut out of the mountain. Similar forces are now forming the flowing shapes of the Wannenraum design,..

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M20 Berlin

Berlin, Germany
by JQTS, ...

The project is located in the kulturforum of Berlin so it stands in between the Mies van der Rohe Museum and the Hans Scharoun philharmonic among other iconic buildings around.

It means that another landmark should appear with M20 Museum in dialogue to both them. So, the project proposes a..

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