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Victor Djorbenadze

Tbilisi, Georgia
born 1925, Kharkiv

Victor Djorbenadze (1924 – 1999) was one of the remarkable architects of Georgia. He was studying architecture at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute in Tbilisi from 1940-1946. Upon graduation, he worked for the design and construction branch of Samtredia Ministry of Agriculture (1946-1952) before..

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Srebrniče Cemetery

Srebrnice, Slovenia
by Aleš Vodopivec

The Srebrnice cemetery is the first phase of a larger project for a forest cemetery which started with an open competition in 1989. The starting phase covers approximately 8 hectares of existing forest in which two initial objects are built: an office building and a funeral hall with four..

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San Cataldo Cemetery

Modena, Italy
by Aldo Rossi, ...

Aldo Rossi's desire to create buildings that reflected his social perspective and theories was reflected in most if not all of his buildings, but it was particularly evident in the San Cataldo Cemetery. The grounds on which Aldo’s cemetery was built was first the home of an ancient cemetery by..

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Žale Cemetery

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Jože Plečnik, ...

In the early 1930s, Ljubljana's municipal authorities made a decision to convert the Holy Cross Churchyard for use as Ljubljana's main cemetery. When the plans provided by the architect Ivo Spinčič in 1936 failed to please the authorities, a new design was commissioned from the architect Jože..

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Villanova's Cemetery

Villanova, Italy
by Elastico

The area occupied by the new cemetery is also home to a small thirteenth-century church and is crossed by the river Meduna, which flows through numerous fields of crops. None of the structures stands higher than the maize which grows in the surrounding fields. This means that during the summer..

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The cemetery in Leopoldov

Leopoldov, Slovakia
by 2021

In Slovakia, not much attention is paid to cemeteries by architects and designers, except for some examples of historical cemeteries for soldiers killed in world wars. In Leopoldov there was put much attention and care to an average city cemetery for common people. The city needed its existing..

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After collaborating on several cemetery projects with the municipal workshop, Djorbenadze received his first independent commission for a cemetery in Mukhatgverdi, a ridge on the outskirts of Tbilisi overlooking the ancient capital of Mtskheta. The commission was part of both a practical mandate..

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Woodland Cemetery

Stockholm, Sweden
by Gunnar Asplund, ...

The Woodland Cemetery in Enskede was built between 1919 and 1940 by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. On a ridge overgrown with pines they created a sacred landscape with several small chapels arranged to interact with the natural surroundings. It expresses on a large scale the design..

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Kaze-no-Oka Crematorium has a fluid appearance that blends smoothly with the surrounding ancient burial mounds and cemetery. Starting with the building approach, transitional spaces are emphasized; each ceremonial function space (funeral hall, cemetery, and waiting lounge) is kept at a specific..

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