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Quarterhouse Folkstone

Folkstone, United Kingdom
by Alison Brooks

The Quarterhouse Performing Arts and Business Centre in Folkestone designed by Alison Brooks Architects, is a building completed in 2009 that aims to help to revitalise the English coastal town of Folkstone which in former times used to attract a number of well known artists. H G Wells lived..

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Moscow City

Moscow, Russia
by Erik van Egeraat, ...

Moscow City, now called Moscow International Business Centre (IBC), is a large commercial development zone situated in the Presnensky District in Western Moscow. The goal of the Moscow IBC is to create the first mixed development zone in Russia combining business activities, residential areas and..

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Andrej Strehovec

born 1978, Slovenia

Andrej Strehovec is an authorized architect, intermedia designer, theorist, scenographer; a graduate of the Faculty for Architecture at the University of Ljubljana.
He has been a professional architect since 2004, designing public buildings,..

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