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Harry Seidler

Sydney, Australia
born 1923, Vienna

Harry Seidler (June 25th, 1923 - March 9th, 2006) was an Austrian-born Australian architect who is considered to be one of the leading exponents of Modernism's methodology in Australia and the first architect to fully express the principles of the Bauhaus in Australia. Harry Seidler came to..

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The Hotel Cinema

Tel Aviv, Israel
by Yehuda Magidowitz

The Hotel Cinema is located in one of the most central parts of Tel Aviv – the Dizengoff Circle. Despite being located so close to such a monumental piece of International Style architecture, Magidowitz’s remarkable structure still emanates an incredibly strong presence thanks to its streamlined,..

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Yehuda Lulka

born 1905, Veniza

Studied in Paris then got a scholarship in the Technion in Haifa. Graduated from the Technion in Construction Engineering in 1930. In 1930 he established a construction firm in Tel-Aviv.

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Asia House

Tel Aviv, Israel
by Mordechai Ben Chorin

One of Tel Aviv's most familiar office buildings design was inspired by the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The seven-story, white-cladded curvilinear structure is one of the international style buildings of Bauhaus for what is the White City also famous for. The building soft form is a..

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Hotel Jadran

Makarska, Croatia
by Branko Bon

Htel Jadran was socialist Yugoslavia’s first hotel. Branko Bon, a Croatian anti-fascist and one of Tito’s favorite architects, contributed the design concept, while several hundred German POWs provided the manual labor. The prisoners installed the hotel’s marble floors, its french doors and its..

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Weymede Housing Estate

Byfleet, Surrey, United Kingdom
by Eric Lyons

A fantastic example of complete post-war real estates full of greenery and social fixtures. Finished in 1962 is one of Eric Lyons' key archievements, a notable British architect, once a close colleborator of Walter Gropius while the latter was living in UK in 1930s. Lyons, a bit of utopist..

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