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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
est. 2004, Frankfurt - Sydney

reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based architecture practice founded by the husband and wife team Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung in 2003. Beside architectural projects they are involved in curatory work, exhibitions, publications and academic research. Their interests cover the development of..

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Leon Krier

born 1946, Luxembourg City

Leon Krier is an architect, architectural theorist and urban planner. He is more renowned for his advisory work and publications than having realised projects.

From the late 1970s onwards Krier has been an influential neo-traditional architect and planner. His best known work is for the on..

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Ernesto Nathan Rogers

Milan, Italy
born 1909, Trieste

Ernesto Nathan Rogers was an Italian architect, writer and educator. He was born in Trieste and graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1932. He is the cousin of the renowned English-Italian architect Richard Rogers.

[h]BBPR Group[/h]
Rogers, together with Gian Luigi Banfi, Ludovico..

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Aleš Vodopivec

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1949, Ljubljana

Aleš Vodopivec graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana at Edvard Ravnikar. While studying architecture he studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts (1971-74). He is Professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana since 1993, teaching Design as well as History and Theory of..

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What makes housing future-proof? If the inhabitants of a building run it for themselves, relatively autonomous, without much need for the interference of others – owners, property managers etc. They decide for themselves how to use the building, how to maintain it, how to connect it to its..

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Matevž Čelik

Ljubjlana, Slovenia
born 1971, Kranj

Matevž Čelik is an architect, architectural researcher and writer. A very important point for the development of contemporary architectural scene in Slovenia was his involvement as a co-founder of architectural web platform Trajekt in 2002 with the Institute for Spatial Culture in Ljubljana. With..

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Camillo Sitte

Vienna, Austria
born 1843, Vienna

Camillo Sitte was a noted Austrian architect, painter and city planning theoretician with great influence and authority of the development of urban construction planning and regulation in Europe. He traveled around the towns of Europe and tried to identify aspects that made towns feel warm and..

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The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism of architectural form, it is more precisely an aesthetic criticism of the nineteenth century's end urbanism. Mainly an urban planning theory book, it has a deep influence in architecture, as the two disciplines are deeply intertwined. It was also..

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Kenneth Frampton

New York, USA
born 1930, Woking

Kenneth Frampton is an architect, historian and architecture critic, author of numerous books and essays on history and theory of architecture. Frampton studied architecture at the Guildford School of Art and the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. He later worked in..

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Lewis Mumford

born 1885, New York

Lewis Mumford was a sociologist and architect. His made research of historical and regionalist vision of art, the city and the territory. His view is closely related to the way of conceiving human and urban relations posed by anarchist classics urbanists (Kropotkin, Howard from the town, with its..

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Miloš Kosec

Ljubljana, London
born 1986, Ljubljana

Miloš Kosec is an architect, editor and publicist living and working in London, UK and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from Faculty of Architecture of Ljubljana University in 2013 with the Master's thesis »Ruin as an Architectural Object«, for which he received Plečnik and Prešeren student..

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The work deals with ruin discourse and its meaning for architecture. It overrules the common held belief of the ruin as a primarily romantic fascination. It links the birth of fascination with ruins with the birth of modernity in the 18th century. The nature of modernity is the key to..

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Manfredo Tafuri

Venice, Italy
born 1935, Rome

Marxist architectural historian of the Renaissance and modern era and architectural theorist Manfredo Tafuri studied architecture at the Scuola Superiore di Architettura at Rome. He attended courses by Giulio Carlo Argan, chair of art history at Rome in 1959 and the Marxist philosopher Galvano..

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Francesco Dal Co

Venice, Italy
born 1945, Ferrara

Francesco Dal Co (born 29 December 1945) is an Italian historian of architecture. He graduated in 1970 at the University Iuav of Venice, and has been director of the Department of History of Architecture since 1994. He has been Professor of History of Architecture at the Yale School of..

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Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture is a book by Bernard Rudofsky originally published in 1964. It provides a demonstration of the artistic, functional, and cultural richness of vernacular architecture.

The mythology of the sole genius underpins..

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Bernard Huet

Paris, France
born 1932, Quinhon

Bernard Huet is a French architect and town planner (14 January 1932, Quinhon in French Indochina (now in Vietnam ) - 9 September 2001, Paris). After studying architecture at the National School of Fine Arts, he graduated as a DPLG architect in 1962. He continued his studies at the Politecnico di..

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Thibaut de Ruyter

Berlin, Germany
born 1972, Lille

Thibaut de Ruyter, born in 1972 in Lille (France), is a trained architect. He has been living and working in Berlin as an independent curator and an art and architecture critic since 2001. During his architectural studies in Lille and Copenhagen, Thibaut developed a professional practice that..

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Éric Lapierre Experience (ELEx)

Paris, France
est. 2000, Paris

Éric Lapierre is an architect and theoretician of architecture, a founder and principal of Éric Lapierre Experience (ELEx), a Paris based organization that coordinates both practice and writing. Since 1998 he teaches design and theory of architecture at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture..

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Ana Dana Beroš

Zagreb, Croatia
born 1979, Zagreb

Ana Dana Beroš is an architect, curator, editor, educator and exhibition designer, graduated cum laude from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, with international professional experience. She is a co-founder of non-profit group ARCHIsquad, a division for architecture with conscience, and project..

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Babau Bureau

Venice, Italy
est. 2014, Venice

Babau Bureau is a project bureau based in Venice led by Marco Ballarin, Stefano Tornieri and Massimo Triches, architects and PhD in Architectural Composition at University Iuav of Venice. Babau Bureau focus on a holistic approach, refuses the idea of unique style and believe in the necessity of..

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