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Dresden, Germany
by Peter Birkenholz

The Kugelhaus was a ball-shaped house building in Dresden on the Exhibition Grounds between exhibition palace and Hercules Avenue. At that time it was Stübelplatz by Peter Birch Wood (1876-1961) built in 1928.

It housed showrooms, and a catering operation and is considered to be the first..

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Just like the Metropole Parasol by architect J.Meyer, this building has again shown the designer's interest in creating organic forms out of individual elements. Instead of using a raffle structure found in Metropole Parasol project in Seville, this suspended facade of this 9 stories apartment..

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Workshop Siegen's distinctive form references the classic garage format with forecourt. The simple steel frame structure is fitted with fibreglass translucent panels to provide energy-efficient insulation and a softly diffused light inside, the latter feature facilitating productivity by creating..

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Branko Kraševac

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1927, Koprivnica

Branko Kraševac was a slovenian industrial designer and architect ( March 31, 1927, Koprivnica - June 26, 2016, Radenci). In 1958 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Edvard Ravnikar studio. After graduating, he was employed at the aluminum factory Impol in Slovenska Bistrica, where..

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In 1965, the Union of Partisan Veterans for the Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Antifascist Uprising and the Revolutionary Struggle of Moslavina commissioned the monument's design directly from sculptor Dušan Džamonja. From 1942, village Podgarić and its vicinity was liberated territory..

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The Métropole House

Bouqueval, France
by Jean Prouvé

Winner of a 1949 Ministry of Education competition for a “mass-producible rural school with classroom and teacher accommodation”, Jean Prouvé built two of these houses, one in Vantoux in Moselle and the other in Bouqueval, near Paris. Like the school, the accommodation followed the portico..

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