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Post Office in Vremski Britof

Vremski Britof, Slovenia
by Marko Dekleva, ...

The old farmhouse was transformed into the post office and a shop in Vremski Britof. Both buildings represents the entrance corner of the village.

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This project for a summer home is a result of an order that from conditions in terms of program: a big living room, connected to an office area; a service area with space for light meals attached to the kitchen; a private area with two small bedrooms and a suite with an incorporated sauna; a..

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The Boa Nova Tea House

Le├ža da Palmeira, Portugal
by Alvaro Siza

The Boa Nova Tea House is one of Siza's earliest commissions. Fernando Tavora had won the competition for the project and passed it onto Alvaro Siza. The house is located close to Siza's home town and is connected to the nature due to the architect's intimate familiarity with the landscape. This..

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