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Odile Decq

Paris, France
born 1955, Laval

Odile Decq set up her own office just after graduating at La Villette in 1978 while studying at Sciences Politiques Paris where she completed a post-graduate diploma in Urban Planning in 1979.

International renown came quickly; as early as 1990 she won her first major commission: the Banque..

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Waterloo CITY'zen

Waterloo, Belgium
by BFArchitecture

City'Zen is a neighborhood where all generations (families, youth, elderly) can live together and where different types of programs are combined. The site is an area with a level difference, where the university has already a campus building: Musica Mundi. The idea is to redraw the site in a star..

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Thomas Hahn

Vienna, Austria
born 1980, Salzburg

Thomas Hahn was born 1980 in Salzburg. He has a HTL's degree and several years of professional practice in Salzburg. He studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Technical University of Vienna and did specialization in architectural theory and architectural sciences, environment,..

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[h]The Quantity of Space[/h].

Only with the hunger for knowledge and the unlimited curiosity of a child questions will explore beyond one's imagination. The resulting positivist approach does not require the minimization of the damage, but the maximization of benefits. The urban manifests..

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Berlin, Germany
est. 2008, established in Paris, today based in Berlin and Nyons

ISSSresearch&architecture – Independent Structure for Sustainable Space research – is a studio founded and directed by Ingrid Sabatier and Stephan Schwarz. The research of ISSS is dealing with architecture, contemporary urban dynamics and the role and power of people’s engagement within the..

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Copenhagen, Denmark
est. 2006, Copenhagen

ADEPT is based in Copenhagen and works within the fields of architecture and urbanism. ADEPT was founded in 2006 by partners Martin Laursen, Martin Krogh and Anders Lonka.

ADEPT has a specific focus on the human scale in our cities and buildings to create a close relationship between..

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The disruptive developments of dispersed infrastructure frames a moment in time where we can fundamentally reconceive of how we make, fund, and even conceptualize the world that surrounds us and how we engage with the possibilities of a new Autonomous Urbanism.

Cities began as a simple..

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The aim of the project is an approach on how to work with heritage in the city. The general strategy is to recover the existing latent space of the city (Madrid), understanding those spaces as an infrastructure. Setting up a strategy that will reflect the origin and evolution of the city.


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Urban Works Agency (UWA)

est. 2014, San Francisco

The Urban Works Agency (UWA) is a research lab at California College of the Arts in San Francisco that leverages architectural design to affect social justice, ecological vitality, and economic resilience at the urban scale.

UWA believes that complex and often invisible forces shaping cities..

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The urban project was developed by the Spanish architect Jose Luis Romany.

This project is part of the 'Poblados dirigidos' developed during the 50s in Madrid.

They were a way to introduce new housing areas following modern guidelines and with very tight budgets. All those houses were meant..

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Helena H Rong

Cambridge, USA
born 1994, Cambridge

Helena H Rong is an urbanist and designer with interdisciplinary training and extensive experience with smart city research and applications. She received her Master of Science in Urbanism (SMArchS) degree from MIT and Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, where she graduated with the..

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Nathalie Eldan

Paris, France

Nathalie Eldan is the founder and principal at Nathalie Eldan Architecture. Nathalie is a DPLG registered architect member of Ordre des Architectes. Born in Jerusalem, Nathalie studied at KADK | The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture in Copenhagen and at École Nationale..

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