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The John Curtin School for Medical Research completed Stage I of its development in 2009. The project has been designed by Melbourne-based architects, Lyons Architecture.

The client, Australian National University, has had a long-running history of prestigious students and alumni, including..

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TYIN tegnestue Architects

Trondheim, Norway
est. 2008, Trondheim

TYIN tegnestue Architects was established in 2008 in Norway. The office has completed several projects in poor and underdeveloped areas of Thailand, Burma, Haiti and Uganda.

TYIN tegnestue Architects are motivated by humanitarian projects. Solutions to real and fundamental challenges call for..

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Cassia Co-op Training Centre is a facility for cinnamon production, located in Sumatra, Indonesia. TYIN Architects designed and built the cinnamon school over the course of 3 months in 2011. The project's intent is to build a sustainable cinnamon school for the benefit of local farmers and..

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DesignInc Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia
est. 2000, Melbourne

DesignInc Melbourne is an architecture practice based in Melbourne but forms part of a larger network of architectural practices known as DesignInc.

The Melbourne branch was previously known as A.S & R.A. Eggleston which was formed in 1937. Since 1999 the practice has been a part of the..

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GPO2 Design Studio

Melbourne, Australia
by DesignInc Melbourne

GPO2 is the former Melbourne General Post Office, in this new incarnation the second floor has been renovated by DesignInc Melbourne for their new office premises. The renovations were completed in 2012 and embrace sustainable design practices.

The studio combines the existing..

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Matej Blenkuš

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1971, Ljubljana

Matej Blenkuš is an associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana. At the same time he runs the architectural studio abiro in Ljubljana. He is a member of the Association of Architects of Ljubljana and the Chamber of Architecture of Slovenia. He graduated and..

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Dietger Wissounig

Graz, Austria
born 1969, Graz

Dietger Wissounig was born in 1969 and graduated from the higher technical college for structural engineering in Villach in 1989. Afterwards, he then went on to study architecture at Graz University of Technology, where he earned his degree with a thesis project in Klang Valley, Malaysia. In the..

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Breathe Architecture

Melbourne, Australia
est. Melbourne

Breathe Architecture is a relatively small practice set up in Melbourne, Australia by Jeremy McLeod. The studio has built a reputation for designing and executing sustainable architecture projects.

Their design projects use a range of environmentally sustainable design methods such as..

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Christoph Kalb

Bregenz, Austria
born 1964, Graz

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
est. 2008, Amsterdam

VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism is a design office for sustainable, integrated, and smart architecture, urban development and infrastructure. The office has an international portfolio of designs, research and consultancy projects and is recognized with numerous publications, awards and..

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Sportplaza Mercator

Amsterdam, Netherlands
by VenhoevenCS

De Baarsjes in Amsterdam is a multicultural neighborhood that is home to people from 129 different countries. The city district wanted to boost community life in the neighborhood. The authorities therefore chose a building which combines swimming pools, a therapy pool, fitness, aerobics, a sauna..

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Paris, France
est. 2006, Paris

In order to develop a more sustainable architecture and urbanism, Bellastock sets up different types of actions: annual festival of experimental architecture, experimental laboratory at the heart of a construction site, workshops with students, open workshops, workshops with schoolchildren .....

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Porto, Portugal
by Critical Concrete

Co-Lateral is the first production centre in the neighbourhood of Ramalde, Porto, with co-working and co-building facilities. The production centre aims to develop and experiment with sustainable, long-lasting, repairable construction processes for socially-relevant spaces. Social and cultural..

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The Woloszczuk House

London, United Kingdom
by Ralf Pflugfelder

Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism - Efficiency and styles from Germany

In 2019, the Woloszczuk House from London won the Build it Award. The architect, Ralf Pflugfelder from Germany, based his design on the English Tudor style and the striking forms of neo-classicism, which are..

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Auroville, India
est. 2000, Auroville

Dustudio, Auroville is a collaborative, inter-disciplinary, architectural design practice based in Auroville, India & Inspired by ancient Indian thought & wisdom. The work of Dustudio aims to create a strong link between past, present and future of building traditions in Indian context, using the..

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