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Washington, USA
by Team Germany

Single Room Concept

The SurPLUShome is based on a single room concept. The interior design is characterized by a multi functional body as its central element. This body contains primary functions like the kitchen, stairs and the bath and defines the possible use of close-by space. Besides it..

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Team Germany

Darmstadt, Germany

20 young students from the Department of Architecture of the Technical University in Darmstadt with a colourful ethnic and cultural background, are motivated to experience new ideas and perspectives.

Their team participated on the Solar Decathlon design competition and won the first price two..

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The Commons

Melbourne, Australia
by Breathe Architecture

The Commons is a multi-residential apartment building located in Brunswick, Melbourne (roughly 7km from the CBD). The project was designed by local architect, Jeremy McLeod of Breathe Architecture.

[h]The Sustainable Elements[/h]

The project is made up of 24 apartment, 2 artist studios..

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Critical Concrete

Porto, Portugal
est. 2015, Porto

Critical Concrete is a project mixing a socio-cultural space and architectural experimentation in Porto. The concept is based on the synergy between popular formats and critical minds at the cutting-edge of artistic production and urban research.

The founder of Critical Concrete is Samuel..

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Porto, Portugal
by Critical Concrete

Co-Lateral is the first production centre in the neighbourhood of Ramalde, Porto, with co-working and co-building facilities. The production centre aims to develop and experiment with sustainable, long-lasting, repairable construction processes for socially-relevant spaces. Social and cultural..

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Renovation of this family house was a project of the third Summer School organized by Critical Concrete, prepared during a 10-month long collaborative process with the Junta de Freguesia, the district municipality of Ramalde and the help of their social workers. The kitchen was extended, the..

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The Woloszczuk House

London, United Kingdom
by Ralf Pflugfelder

Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism - Efficiency and styles from Germany

In 2019, the Woloszczuk House from London won the Build it Award. The architect, Ralf Pflugfelder from Germany, based his design on the English Tudor style and the striking forms of neo-classicism, which are..

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