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Sport Hall Bale

Bale, Croatia
by 3LHD

Bale (Valle in Italian) is a small place in Istria with a population of 1000 people. The new sports hall is adjacent to the old school, and due to the size of the village itself where this building is the second largest after the church, it will also be used as a public facility for various..

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The athletics track in Alicante has an alternative track that loops up over the roof of the changing room. Athletes can stick to the flat, standard track or deviate over the little hill behind a bank of spectators. The track length of 400 m, 36.5 m radius. 1.22 m each lane. As new ways are..

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Hipodrome designed by the spanish / italian based architect Julio Lafuente in Rome.

Hippodrome of Tor di Valle (Italian: Ippodromo Tor di Valle) was an important horse racing venue in the city of Rome. The hippodrome took its name from the area in which it was located and included a racetrack,..

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