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Alberto Campo Baeza

born 1946, Valladolid

Born in Valladolid, where his grandfather was an architect, from the age of two he lived in CADIZ where he saw the LIGHT. From his father he inherited a spirit of ANALYSIS and from his mother the determination to be an ARCHITECT.

He lives in Madrid, where he moved to study Architecture. His..

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Luis M. Mansilla (1959-2012) and Emilio Tuñón Alvarez (1959) founded Mansilla + Tuñón Architects in 1992. Mansilla + Tuñón Architects is a Madrid based office, dedicated to the confrontation of theory, and academic practice, with design and building activity. They have received the Mies van der..

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The building is located between two streets alongside a newly created City park. It is located in the northern part of the site, leaving the southern half as a garden area.
Outwardly shown as two distinct volumes corresponding to the main nave and the attached building containing the changing..

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Smile Pool

Porto Cristo, Spain
by A2 arquitectos

Spanish firm A2arquitectos has created a new area, an extension of recreational activities and an entertainment for our young guests from the hotel Castell dels Hams.

The vision of this new focus, a big “smile”, focuses his perception from differents viewpoints and different scales, either..

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