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The Palace of Concerts and Sports (Koncertų ir sporto rūmai), built in 1971 in the southernmost part of "Žirmūnai" in the middle of the former cemetery, is an example of Soviet Brutalist architecture, remarkable for its vessel–like exterior. The Palace, once one of the architectonic icons of..

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Josef Kaiser

Berlin, Germany
born 1910, Cili

After his studies at the Deutsche Technische Hochschule in Prague from 1929 bis 1935, Josef Kaiser worked as an architect in Weimar and Berlin. After the war, Kaiser was trained as a singer, but from 1951 he worked again architecture. In 1962 Josef Kaiser was the head of the design collective for..

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Tallinn, Estonia
by Riina Altmäe, ...

Linnahall was built as a concert and sports venue with a 5000-seat amphitheatre and a 3000-seat ice hall in Tallinn, Estonia. It is situated on the waterfront near the harbour, just beyond the walls of the Old Town. It was designed by Raine Karp and Riina Altmäe as V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture..

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The Dom Sovietov (House of Soviets) is situated in the centre of Kaliningrad on the historical site of the Prussian Königsberg Castle which was severely damaged by allied bombing in WW II. The remains were blown up between 1964 and 1968 by order of the executive committee of the communist party..

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Research Institute of Robotics

St. Petersburg, Russia
by B. I. Artiushin, ...

The Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) is one of the largest research centers in Russia typified by the concertina-edged structure situated at the center of the complex, also called the 'White Tulip'. The Institute itself was established in 1968 and later changed to St...

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This housing complex is 400 meters long and has 16 stories. The construction was completed in 1986, although first construction plans existed as early as 1970. The planning was initially carried out under the direction of Leonid Cherikover who also constructed the renowned Dynamo Stadium Moscow...

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On the banks of the Moskva, the extravagant Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences reflects the importance attached to the sciences in the Soviet Union.

The ensemble was built considering also the landscape. Design elements from the building design can be also found at the nearby..

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Laguna Vere

Tbilisi, Georgia

Laguna Vere is a swimming pool in Tbilisi and one of the most spectacular examples of Tbilisi modernist architecture. During Soviet times, the pool was the training center for potential Olympic Athletes.

The pool is a standard outdoor pool with three depths: 6 meters, 2.5 meters, and 1 meter...

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Avraham Miletski

born 1918, Kiev

Avraham Miletski (Avraam Miletsky) was a Soviet and Israeli architect, born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1918. Since 1969 he was an honorary member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture and notably won the State Prize for Architecture in the USSR, 1967.

Miletski graduated from the Architecture..

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Hotel Salut

Kiev, Ukraine
by Avraham Miletski, ...

The hotel “Salyut” is located on the high hill of the right bank of the Dnipro river, in Pechersk – the most prestige district of Kiev, at “Slava” Square. The turbid history of the interaction between architectural thought and the bureaucratic party apparatus is represented in the current..

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The Palace of the Soviets was to be a major congress hall and administrative centre in Moscow, near the Kremlin. The project was never realised but the winning neoclassical design was by Boris Iofan. The site was to be where the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour had been demolished. If the..

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Since the late 1950s the field of Soviet architecture became more and more interdisciplinary. Popular ideas about “synthesis of the arts” were complemented with the need to maneuver between censorship restrictions that were specific for each sphere of Soviet art. The figure of architect and..

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