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The Laubenganghäuser are one of the oldest buildings on Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin. They were constructed between 1949-1950 and were designed by architect Hans Scharoun and others in the Bauhaus tradition. They are loosely based on Hannes Meyer's design of the Laubenganghäuser in Dessau.

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Bar Babette

Berlin, Germany
by Josef Kaiser

This glass pavilion was erected as part of the second building section of the Karl-Marx-Allee project which was planned and constructed by a collective led by the architect Josef Kaiser. Originally it was planned as an exhibition space for arts and crafts from the Soviet Union. After the..

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Budapest, Hungary
by Zoltán Gulyás

Chemolimpex was designed by Zoltan Gulyas in 1960. The handling of volume allows to the building to blend in well with the turn-of-the-century houses so typical of Budapest. Also worth mentioning in connection with this house are the details, which are of course different from those associated..

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Shipka, Bulgaria
by Guéorguy Stoilov

This monument located on Mount Buzludzha is the biggest ideological building in Bulgaria. It was built in 1981 as a tribute to the creation of the Bulgarian socialist movement of 1891. Several access roads were built (today in a really bad condition) from Shipka and from the main road Stara..

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Minsk, Belarus
by Leonard Moskalevich

The Belexpo exhibition complex was built on the decline of the socialist era of architecture in 1988. It was designed by Leonard Moskalevich whose most notable work was the Academy of Management and the Institute of Culture along with a substantial number of private residences in Minsk.
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Tito`s Bunker

Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tito's bunker in Konjic has been a well-kept secret for years. It was built in secret from 1953 to 1979, called DO ARK (Atomic reserve command), in order to get Tito and his 350 closest associates to safety in case of an atomic catastrophe. This imposing space, concrete mass structures, occupies..

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Muranow is one part of Warsaw situated on the north part of the Old Town. The entire quartiers of narrow streets were once densely populated and built-up with long rows of rather low - class tenant houses dated mostly for XVIII and XIX century. Then biggest Jewish community in Europe occupied..

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[h]Historical background[/h]
Marszałkowska Dzielnica Mieszkaniowa, also referred as MDM, is a monumental housing estate in Warsaw's downtown. The entire MDM masterplan is a child of Social Realism doctrine and its experimental field following same concept as Gorky Street in Moscow or Frankfurter..

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Comedy Theatre

Warsaw, Poland
by Stanislaw Brukalski, ...

[h]Historical background[/h]

[h]Architectural concept[/h]

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TAB collective

Vienna, Austria
est. 2016, Vienna

TAB is a workgroup based in Vienna, Austria. We focus on socio-political topics in connection with architecture and design. In our theoretical and architectural projects, we aim to question current agendas and strive for different solutions. The collective's contributors are Philippe Jans,..

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