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Hermann Henselmann

Berlin, Germany
born 1905, Roßla

Hermann Henselmann (Roßla, February 3rd, 1905 - January 19th, 1995) was a German Architect most famous for his buildings constructed in East Germany during the 1950s and 60s.
[h]Early years[/h]
Henselmann studied at the Kunstgewerbe school in Berlin from 1922 to 1925. His early projects, such..

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Věra Machoninová

born 1928, Strakonice

Věra Machoninová was a Czech architect. She designed most of her buildings with her husband, Vladimír Machonin. The Machonins were part of the strong generation that began creating at the time of the waning historicism of Socialist Realism, and which from the mid 1950s was establishing..

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[h]Historical background[/h]
Marszałkowska Dzielnica Mieszkaniowa, also referred as MDM, is a monumental housing estate in Warsaw's downtown. The entire MDM masterplan is a child of Social Realism doctrine and its experimental field following same concept as Gorky Street in Moscow or Frankfurter..

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Sarajevo Main Railway Station

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Muhamed Kadić, ...

Sarajevo’s main railway station was started two years after the end of WWII. The new Communist Party of Yugoslavia started the project as an architectural competition with the ultimate goal of physically uniting the country through its railway system. At the beginning of Socialist Yugoslavia,..

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