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Tore Pape

Kassel, Germany
born 1973, Alfeld (Leine)

Tore Pape (born 1973, Alfeld/ Leine, Germany) is a German architect whose architecture pursues a very site-specific approach. He studied architecture at the University of Kassel. After graduating in 2002 he worked for the architecture practice Bieling in Kassel. In 2008 he founded his own office..

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Šabac, Serbia
est. 2009, Šabac

Artytekt is a young architectural collective, formed by Marijana Vasić and Marko Gavrilović. They are working in the field between architecture, interior design, urban renewal, research and activism.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 2004, Ljubljana

The mission of prostoRož is to improve public urban space. The team explores public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large. They pay attention to overlooked public spaces and organize, rearrange and revitalize them according to the needs of residents and..

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