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Seinäjoki, Finland
est. 2004, Seinäjoki

Anssi Lassila is the founder and principal of OOPEAA - Office for Peripheral Architecture. His international breakthrough was the Kärsämäki Shingle Church in 2004 after which he quickly gained a distinctive position among young Finnish architects. His architecture displays an interest in..

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Carl Koch

Chicago, USA
born 1912, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Carl Koch ( May 11, 1912– 3 July 3, 1998) was a noted American architect. He was most associated with the design of prefabricated homes and development of the Techcrete building system. He was educated at Harvard College and received his Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard University..

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Scandinavian House

Visoko pri Igu, Slovenia
by Mojca Gregorski

The Scandinavian house is a private house situated in a small town on a hilly terrain. Its number of floors was determined by the urban code of the local commune which allows a ground floor and the first floor with a gable roof, making it a traditional Slovenian house. The investor had lived in..

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