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Jože Plečnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1872, Ljubljana

Jože Plečnik (January 23rd, 1872 - January 7th, 1957) was born in Ljubljana (then in Austria-Hungary), Slovenia. From 1894 to 1897 Plečnik studied with noted Viennese architect and educator Otto Wagner and worked in Wagner's architecture office until 1900.

[h]Vienna Years[/h]
While in..

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The church designed by Jože Plečnik between the two world wars in marshes (Barje) near Ljubljana. Plecnik's creativity is evident in this wooden church where, in spite of a very limited budget, he managed to create a peaceful and informal environment.

This church is one of the most original..

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The Triple Bridge

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Jože Plečnik

The Triple Bridge is a group of three bridges across the Ljubljanica river. It connects the Ljubljana's historical, medieval, town on one bank, and the modern city of Ljubljana, on the other. The central bridge is partly built from Glinica limestone. Other parts are built from concrete. The..

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Plečnik House

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Maruša Zorec, ...

The three Plečnik brothers purchased the property in 1915 in hopes of building a single home for the family. As it turned out, the architect Joža Plečnik lived alone in the house. He set about the reconstruction of the house with his characteristic thrift. He made use of inexpensive materials and..

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Filter Factory

Rotterdam, Netherlands
by Isaac Monté

Filter Factory is a stament on the littering behavior of smokers. An average smoker throws every year 2.5 kilo of cigarette ends on the street. Birds eat these cigarette ends because they consider them to be food. As a result they die. On the other hand, birds are smart and use the filters in..

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Village Yard

Lisbon, Portugal
by Colectivo Warehouse

Village Yard is a project that Warehouse has developed since February 2015 in collaboration with the Village Underground Lisboa team based in Museu da Carris in Alcântara. The main goal of the project is to create a friendly atmosphere around Village Underground’s exterior areas. For this purpose..

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