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The Dymaxion House was developed by inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller to address several perceived shortcomings with existing homebuilding techniques. Fuller designed several versions of the house at different times, but they were all factory manufactured kits, assembled on site, intended..

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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
by FAREstudio

The CBF [Centre pour le Bien-être des Femmes] Women’s Health Centre in Burkina Faso was created by AIDOS, an Italian NGO fighting for Women’s Rights in Developing Countries. The AIDOS project is just one of the group’s international programmes focused on contrasting the diffusion of Female..

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Between the Waters

Essen, Germany
by OOZE, ...

Between the Waters: The Emscher Community Garden' is a water-supply infrastructure line between the Emscher River and the Rhine-Herne Canal. The project is a complete and sustainable water-supply system. It uses only water from the immediate area: the Emscher River, the Rhine-Herne Canal,..

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City of 1,000 Tanks

Chennai, India

Holistic urban strategy to combat floods, droughts and pollution through blue-green strategies. The project City of 1,000 Tanks identifies the interrelationships between the underlying causes of floods, water scarcity and pollution in Chennai and offers a holistic solution to these three..

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Einar Jarmund

Oslo, Norway
born 1962, Oslo

Einar Jarmund (b. 1962), Norwegian architect graduated from the School of Architecture in Oslo 1987 and gained a Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of Washington in 1989 in Seattle, USA. Einar is the founder of Einar Jarmund & Co AS Arkitekter MNAL, an Oslo-based architecture and..

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