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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
by Ian Shaw Architects

Two monolithic balcony installations, constructed out of prefabricated concrete columns and platforms, perfectly complement the scale and massing of the late nineteenth century apartment block that they abut. Both towers are freestanding as an historic preservation order protects the building’s..

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Joao Filgueiras Lima

Salvador, Brazil
born 1931, Rio de Janeiro

João Filgueiras Lima (June 19, 1931 – May 21, 2014) was an iconic Brazilian architect, also known as Lelé. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1932 and later settled in Salvador. His projects transformed the look of industrial large-scale works and were always concerned with the issue of the human..

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Situated in the centre of Berlin near Hackesche Höfe, this project occupies a deep plot in an urban block that was heavily damaged during World War II. The maintenance of the historic building’s fabric was neglected over decades. The urban block was fragmented and occupied by a mix of historic..

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Main Hospital of the Sarah Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals. In 1980, the first hospital of the Sarah Kubitschek Network was inaugurated in Brasilia, a set of public hospitals, now present in six Brazilian cities, and specialized in the rehabilitation of people with physical and motor..

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This early experience with prefabrication allowed to Lele to teach at the University of Brasilia, where he built Colina Velha, a faculty apartment complex constructed with prestressed slabs, prefabricated columns, and light paneling for internal partitions.

The Colina Velha housing building at..

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Porto, Portugal
est. 2015, Porto

SUMMARY is an architectural studio founded in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto. Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, this studio aims for solutions that could answer a prominent challenge that the contemporary world places to architecture: how to make..

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Arouca, Portugal

This project is a prototype of the Gomos System, which results from a business R&D project and consists of a concrete modular system,presenting an accurate and efficient solution for the contemporary need for simplification and acceleration of the building processes.

This is an..

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[h]Installation at the main exhibition of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2016[/h]

In the 15th edition of the Venice Biennale, Alejandro Aravena invited us to look at new fields of action, projects that intend to improve life quality and stories of success that are worth getting to..

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