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Ilya Golosov

Moscow, Russia
born 1883, Moscow

Ilya Alexandrovich Golosov (1883, Moscow – 1945, Moscow) was a Russian Soviet architect. A leader of Constructivism in 1925-1931, Ilya Golosov later developed his own style of early Stalinist architecture known as Postconstructivism. Не was a brother of Panteleimon Golosov, also an architect.
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Ivan Aleksandrovich Fomin

St. Petersburg, Russia
born 1872, Oryol

Ivan Aleksandrovich Fomin (February 3, 1872, Oryol – June 12, 1936, Moscow) was a Russian architect and educator. He began his career in 1899 in Moscow, working in the Art Nouveau style. After relocating to Saint Petersburg in 1905, he became an established master of the Neoclassical Revival..

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Yakov Kornfeld

born 1896, Berdichev

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