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Within the context of the La Manzanera complex and the combination of cubes in space, the building known as La Muralla Roja asks to be considered as a case apart.

On the one hand, it embodies a clear reference to the popular architectures of the Arab Mediterranean, in particular to the adobe..

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Cuadra San Cristóbal

Mexico City, Mexico
by Luis Barragán

Boasting the modernist architectural touch of famous Pritzker Prize winner, Luis Barragán, Cuadra San Cristobal is a triumph of geometry, and displays the power of earthen tones, and the genius of simplicity. Cuadra San Cristobal has the ability to make the outdoors become intertwined with the..

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Conceived as a town house, solves a pleasant home environment into the interior by means of cubic forms. Predominant views of a courtyard with a fountain and vegetation that provide a connection between the interior and exterior. It is a sober and construction of small sized according to the area..

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Sarreguemines Nursery

Sarreguemines, France
by Michel Grasso, ...

The project is designed as a body cell, placing the nursery at the center of the layout as the nucleus, surrounding gardens as the cytoplasm, and a circumscribing enclosing wall as the membrane.

A large outdoor playground is generated through a continuous curvilinear wall that shapes out the..

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