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James Stirling

London, United Kingdom
born 1926, Glasgow

Sir James Frazer Stirling (April 22nd, 1926 – June 25th, 1992) was a Pritzker Prize winning British Architect and among the most influential architects of the second half of the 20th century. He is perhaps best known as one of a number of young architects in various countries who from the 1950s..

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Georges Candilis

Paris, France
born 1913, Baku

Georges (Gheorghios) Candilis was a Greek born in Baku, Azerbaijan on 29 March, 1913. Educated as an architect at the Polytechnic in Athens (1931-36) Candilis made the acquaintance of Le Corbusier during his studies, at CIAM IV (1933, Athens). As a result, Le Corbusier assigned Candilis the..

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Lima, Peru
by James Stirling, ...

PREVI—Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda—an experimental district collectively designed by a generation of radical avant-garde architects who converged on Lima (Peru) in the late 1960s, was a pioneering attempt to reconcile the conflicting forces of informal growth and top-down planning.


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Correa's scheme for PREVI development concentrates on two major design ideas: that of the minimisation of service infrastructure and the use of climate as a temperature regulator. This, in layout terms, resulted in buildings which are staggered along a community spine. The staggered party wall..

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The three prefabricated components create the original structure of the house. The walls provided a rigid grid which is difficult to modify and defined the property. The pillars marked the corners of the house and provided a strong relationship between the rooms and the central courtyard. The..

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Germán Samper

Bogotá, Colombia
born 1924, Bogotá

Colombian architect, Germán Samper studied architecture at the National University of Colombia, where he graduated in 1947. Shortly after, he joined the workshop of the architect Le Corbusier where he collaborated on different projects until 1954; Among them, the Cort of Justicia Building and the..

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The concept of low-density housing becomes an international and alternative to Latin America, other than the horizontal garden city of Howard and the vertical garden city (CIAM). The design was based on a proposal that started from the choice of a lot of 80 x 80 Mts. To the interior of which were..

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