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Bavinger House

Oklahoma, USA
by Bruce Goff

The Bavinger House put a new twist on the naturalist modernism of Goff’s contemporaries. Where Wright used flat planes and conventional floor plans, Goff introduced distinctive floor plans, mixing materiality with eccentric spaces to produce a desired effect.

The walls are made of locally..

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Fernando Higueras

Madrid, Spain
born 1930, Madrid

Fernando de Higueras Díaz (1930 – January 30, 2008) was a Spanish architect. He graduated from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in 1959. His work is recognized worldwide as an original and interesting union of constructivist, rationalist and organic architecture. Higueras..

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This house built for Dr. Fernando Gomez and located in Durana (Álava) synthesizes very well the concerns of a Francisco Sáenz de Oiza who at age 41 had been working as a professor of Safety and Hygiene at the School of Madrid for 10 years. It is precisely in the school where he begins the first..

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Rose Pauson House

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Pauson House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939 and constructed in 1940 in the desert of Arizona, “the most wonderful Earth site” according to words of the architect. Rose Pauson and her sister, Gertrude, only lived there one season. When returning to their native city, San Francisco,..

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Violeta Autumn

Sausalito, California, USA
born 1930, Chiclayo

Violeta Autumn (May 20, 1930 – February 5, 2012) was a Peruvian-born, naturalized American citizen, who became a noted architect and artist in the San Francisco Bay Area, based in Sausalito, California. She was best known for her works in Organic Architecture, the home she built for herself, and..

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Fernando Castillo Velasco

Santiago de Chile, Chile
born 1918, Santiago de Chile

Fernando Castillo Velasco (15 of August 1918 - 18 of July 2013) was one of the most important Chilean architects. His his works are the Residential Complex Torres de Tajamar and the Vecales Portal Unit. These references of the modern architecture, demonstrate this innovative character of its..

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Sándor Dévényi

Pécs, Hungary
born 1948, Pécs

Sándor Dévényi (27 November 1948 - ) is an award-winning Hungarian architect. Born in Pécs, he has been a major figure of local architecture from the 1980s, and as a friend and follower of Imre Makovecz, an important master of the so-called Hungarian organic architectural movement.


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The small houses of this area close to Széchenyi square fell victim to an ill-conceived city planning motion. The House of Weddings (Lakodalmas ház) is a practical extension to the neighbouring municipal marriage bureau and hall, with a restaurant, stores and a motel. It has been the first..

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Villa Barreau

Lachat, France
by Pascal Hausermann

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