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Ernst Sagebiel

Berlin, Germany
born 1892, Braunschweig

Ernst Sagebiel (2 October 1892 in Braunschweig (Brunswick) – 5 March 1970 in Bavaria) was a German architect. Sagebiel began his studies in architecture at the Braunschweig University of Technology. He eventually finished his studies in 1922, after they were interrupted by his participation in..

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Clemens Klotz

Cologne, Germany
born 1886, Cologne

Clemens Klotz (31 May 1886 – 1969) was one of Adolf Hitler's architects. Despite being a former member of the banned Deutsche Werkbund, Klotz joined the NSDAP and was appointed a professor by Hitler. After beginning his career focusing on residential designs in the Cologne area, Klotz received a..

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