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Hinrich Baller

Berlin, Germany
born 1936, Stargard

Hinrich Baller was born in Stargard (today Szczeciński, Poland) in 1936. Baller studied at the Technical University of Berlin. From 1973 until his retirement, he was a professor at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts.

Baller grew up in a musician household, his mother was a pianist. He himself..

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There are as many ideas as there are organism. The parallel strategy of surviving with the unparalleled ways of practicality highlights the distinct features of sustaining life for more than three billion years ago. To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it...

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Reykjavík, Iceland
est. 1991, Reykjavík

PKdM Arkitektar is a Nordic architecture and design studio. Its founder, Icelandic architect Palmar Kristmundsson, draws his inspiration from Iceland’s stunning natural landscape and from his encounters with vernacular Japanese architecture. The partner, Fernando de Mendonça brings a dynamic..

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Bird's Observatory

Poljčane, Slovenia
by Maša Živec

The birds observatory with the experience platform is an educational object near Dravinja learning path, which is part of the development of the municipality of Poljčane in the direction of educational tourism. The basic idea of the observatory is to create an outdoor classroom with views of the..

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