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Mini House

Tokyo, Japan
by Atelier Bow-Wow

Mini House, designed by Atelier Bow-Wow, is located in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, a dense residential suburb, on a small site of 77 square meters. The house covers only 41 square meters of the site but has a total floor area of 90 square meters over two and a half floors.

The design draws on Atelier..

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Small House was designed by Unemori Architects on a small plot of land in central Tokyo. The building was designed for a family and despite the small plot of land (35sqm) the building area only takes up approximately half of the space on the site (17sqm). Another different attribute the..

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Relfection of Mineral House is located near the center of Tokyo and was designed by Atelier Tekuto. It is a small 44m2 corner plot bounded by two streets. Conforming to legal conditions and in response to the client’s wish for a ‘roofed garage’ the volume was trimmed from various directions...

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Kotaro Horiuchi

Nagoya, Japan
born 1978, Nagoya

Kotaro Horiuchi is an architect and urbanist, born August 31, 1978, in Nagoya (Japan). A graduate of Meiji University in Tokyo, he worked in the early years of his career at Mecanoo Architecten in Delft and MAPP Architekten in Vienna. Between 2005 and 2009 he worked with Dominique Perrault in..

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Naf architect & design

Tokyo, Japan
est. 2001, Tokyo

Naf architect & design was founded in 2000, by Akio Nakasa and Tetsuya Nakazono.

Akio Nakasa was born in 1971, in Hiroshima. He graduated in the Hiroshima University and finished his "Master of Architecture" at Waseda University, in 1997. In 1997 Worked for Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop .
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Naya Architects/ Manabu+Arata

Kanagawa, Japan
est. 1993, Kanagawa

Naya architects is a Japanese Office founded in 1993 by Manabu and Arata Naya. Manabu Naya was born in Akita in 1961. He graduated at Shibaura Institute of Technology. Arata Naya was also born in Akita and as Manabu graduated at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, in 1991.

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House in Motoyawata is a minimal home located in Ichikawa, Japan, designed by NAYA Architects. The two-storey building sits on a total site area is 75 sqm, and the structure is made mostly of wood. The home is incredibly narrow, and sports a spiral staircase to get between floors.


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Suppose Design Office

Tokyo, Japan
est. 2000, Tokyo

Founded by Makoto Tanijiri, he thinks that it is important to keep looking for something new as an architect.

He defined his work as a chance to realize fresh ideas about buildings and relationships of all interactive elements. It is a pleasure for Tanijiri to detect new potential of..

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House in Gohara is a house of a young couple.

When I visited this site at first, I thought that I wanted to take the blessed environment of the neighborhood as much as possible.

And, to make the nature in order to stand out the building, it is composed of few materials as much as possible. Add to a collection

Tato Architects

Hyogo, Japan
est. 1999, Hyogo

Tato was founded in 1999 by the Japanese architect You Shimada. You graduated at the Kyoto City University of Arts in 1995.

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This is a house in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture for a couple and their two children. The construction site is a part of a place surrounded by mountains and the sky is overcast most of the days. I wanted to create light, stable indoor climate and came up with a plan of three sheds of..

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ON Design Partners

Yokohama, Japan
est. 2002, Yokohama

ON Design Partners is an architecture firm founded by Osamu Nishida in 2002. Osamu Nishida was born in 1976 in Kanagawa. In 1999, he graduated from the Yokohama National University. In 2002, he also became a graduate assistant at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School. In 2005, he was..

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Nagano, Japan
by Prop Position

No More Information Available.

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Vienna, Austria
est. 2005, Vienna

SHIBUKAWA EDER ARCHITECTS ZT GmbH is a Japanese Austrian architects team standing for innovative ideas and original architectural design ranging from urban projects to interiors. All our ideas are based on analytical considerations solving complex problems. By focusing on characteristic points of..

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In complex department stores and hotels , and cultural facilities such as multi-storey car park are integrated , building -long east-west 470m, 60m in height is the largest scale as station building .

The concourse over 50m in the central station building unit , huge glass roof spread ,..

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A project to design a building in Sendai for Impact Japan with the purpose to inspire innovators, entrepreneurs and curated users. The building is designed as two distinct elements: a partly below grade, open plate will be visible from the outside with the main function to be used as a..

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Kenzo Tange created a crystalline internal space by opting for polygonal wall structures. The powerful concrete volumes are also an hommage to the cliffs on the coasts in the region. Here, concrete seems to be a “second nature”.

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Antonin Raymond

Tokyo, Japan
born 1888, Kladno

Antonin Raymond (10 May 1888, Kladno, Kingdom of Bohemia – 21 November 1976 Langhorne, Pennsylvania) was a Czech-American architect who lived and worked in New York City, Tokyo, Japan, and New Hope, PA, from the 1910s through the mid-1970s. As an artist, decorated intelligence officer in the..

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George Nakashima

New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA
born 1905, Washington

George Nakashima was a design icon who bridged modern visions from the West with Japanese craftsmanship. While most followers of the arts and crafts movement held socialist or utopian ideals, George Nakashima really walked the walk. The Japanese American furniture maker and architect travelled..

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