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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
est. 2004, Frankfurt - Sydney

reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based architecture practice founded by the husband and wife team Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung in 2003. Beside architectural projects they are involved in curatory work, exhibitions, publications and academic research. Their interests cover the development of..

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Cini Boeri

Milan, Italy
born 1924, Milan

Maria Cristina Mariani Dameno, known as Cini Boeri, (born 19. June 1924, Milan) is an Italian architect and designer. Boeri earned her degree at the Politecnico di Milano university in 1951. At that time, there were more female interior designers than architects because it was thought that women..

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Carlos Pascal Wolf

Mexico DF, Mexico
born 1956, Montevideo/Mexico DF

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Riccardo Salvi

Milan, Italy
born MIlano

Founder and co-owner of Logica:architettura, Riccardo Salvi is working on a variety of projects in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has published contributions in international books and magazines and is the author of a successful series of Interior Design Manuals as well as a book..

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Alexander Dering

Barnaul, Russia
born 1957, Tomsk

Alexander Dering (born November 26th, 1957) is a russian architect, founder and owner of the architectural bureau Klassika (since 1992), which is based in Barnaul, Altay territory, Russia.

Alexander Dering graduated from the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture (former SIBSTRIN) in 1980. From..

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Kristof Göbölyös

Budapest, Hungary
born 1969, Budapest

With more than 15 years of experience in design, Göbölyös and the Studio ArtFront Hungary - mainly deals with the design of luxury family homes, high-end offices, office buildings, hotels and public institutions. Beyond the design of new buildings, there are several monument reconstruction works..

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Renovation of Modern Gallery

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Bevk Perović, ...

Bevk Perović arhitekti renovated the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, designed by Edvard Ravnikar.

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Vienna, Austria
est. 2013, Vienna

Celia-Hannes is the reunion of Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger. The French-Austrian duo works between the fields of art, design and architecture. Their research based practice is primarily develop from a critical observation of architecture and the symbolic of objects. They consider the..

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The focus of the Cafe is set in the center of the dome hall. To emphasize the outstanding center of the place and its characteristic setting, the whole design is oriented on the centerpiece. By arranging the furniture in the room a certain way, easy and direct access to the center and an..

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Skupaj arhitekti

Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 2011, Ljubljana

Skupaj arhitekti, Meta Kutin and Tomaž Ebenšpanger, architects who have worked as a team since 2011, bring together their social sense and desire to discover beauty. They are engaged, in addition to residential architecture design, also in children's and adults' education and training. They have..

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Eileen Gray

Paris, France
born 1878, Enniscorthy

Eileen Gray, born Kathleen Eileen Moray, was an Irish furniture designer, architect and a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture. She was the first women recognized for her work in industrial design.

She was born in Enniscorthy in County Wexford, Ireland, in 1878 to an aristocratic..

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Berlin, Germany
by brandt+simon architekten

Decades after their construction the high-rise prefabricated buildings made with concrete slabs - despite or even because of their brutal neutrality - are open for individual entries. The urban life likes to take place high above the city.
In the stacked boxes walls are demolished and new bays..

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Conversion, restoration and connection of two apartments in a semi-detached house in Berlin, Germany.

The upper apartment of a two family house from the 1930s located in the south-west of Berlin had to be rebuilt and restored.
The future pastor´s flat of the church community of Schlachtensee..

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AKSL Arhitekti

Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 2005, Ljubljana

The AKSL Arhitekti was established in 2005 by Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak, who have been working together as AKSL team since 2000. The studio is involved in architecture, interior, and stage design, as well as experimental work. Together with their co-workers they have produced more than 50..

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Franz Apartment

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Ana Gruden

Three room apartment in the modernist building of Slovenian Cinemateque by Vladimir Šubic. The offices were transformed into the living space. Rough and gentle ambients are touching the new materiality of the space.

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atelier qbe3

est. 2006, Cuneo

Atelier qbe3 was founded in 2006 by the idea of three young creative.

It is "a workshop of architecture and design", "a creative space", where we try to recover, with ideas and the result of our craft, what "our" landscape and "our" city have transmitted over time.

The main aim of the..

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CIN CIN bar has always been a historic landmark for happy our time in Cuneo. After a short period of closure, it comes back with a renewed concept and unique design. The interior design starts with the discovery and rediscovery of Cin Cin term, the most common exclamation in Italy at the time of..

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Borgo San Dalmazzo, Italy
by atelier qbe3

Reborn is designed from the specific request of the client to obtain an intimate space, renovated with recycled materials. The small space of 23 m2 reuses existing structures without any physical alteration of the premises. OSB panels envelop the existing furnishings, giving it a new face, while..

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Alba, Italy
by atelier qbe3

Spyro is a residential interior design in Alba, in the Langhe region, wine and truffles land. The design issue of this renovation project was to give a new meaning to the distribution configuration of the housing unit from the 1960s and 1970s. A long corridor divides interior space and access to..

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RISD Fleet Library

Providence, USA
by NADAAA, ...

The RISD library houses an extensive collection of art and design volumes, magazines, and multimedia resources. In addition to the vast collection, group study areas, classrooms, a cafe, and administrative offices are included in the program. Organizing the library stacks and infrastructure..

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