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Auroville, India
est. 2000, Auroville

Dustudio, Auroville is a collaborative, inter-disciplinary, architectural design practice based in Auroville, India & Inspired by ancient Indian thought & wisdom. The work of Dustudio aims to create a strong link between past, present and future of building traditions in Indian context, using the..

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Laurie Baker

born 1917, Birmingham

Lawrence Wilfred "Laurie" Baker (2 March 1917 – 1 April 2007) was a British-born Indian architect, renowned for his initiatives in cost-effective energy-efficient architecture and designs that maximized space, ventilation and light and maintained an uncluttered yet striking aesthetic sensibility...

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Rahul Mehrotra

Mumbai and Boston , India
born 1959, Mumbai

Rahul Mehrotra is Professor of Urban Design and Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is a practicing architect, urban designer, and educator. His RMA Architects was founded in 1990 and has designed a software campus for Hewlett Packard in Bengaluru, a campus for Magic Bus (an NGO..

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Elegantly poised atop its granite pedestal, this beautifully crafted home in India is truly a temple for the body, as well as a captivating repository of stories.

Engraved both into its spatial organization and into the details of the house, these are stories of traditions and beliefs, of..

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Amdavad Ni Gufa

Ahmedabad, India
by Balkrishna Doshi

Amdavad Ni Gufa was designed to demonstrate the collaboration between an artist and architect. It is an underground art gallery in Ahmedabad, India. Designed by renowned architect Balkrishna Doshi, it exhibits works of the celebrated Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain. The gallery represents a..

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Embedded in the heart of the CEPT University campus designed by Balkrishna Doshi, the CEPT Library is designed by Rahul Mehrotra and his firm RMA Architects. Envisioned as a space for catalyzing connections between students and faculty of the various academic departments. Neutrally oriented at a..

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