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OFIS Architects

Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 1996, Ljubljana

OFIS Architects is an architectural practice established in 1996 by Rok Oman (b. 1970) and Špela Videčnik (b. 1971), both graduates from the Ljubljana School of Architecture (graduated October 1998) and London’s Architectural Association (MA January 2000). Since its creation, the practice has..

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Le Lignon

Vernier, Switzerland
by Georges Addor, ...

Le Lignon is a pioneering housing scheme with one of the world's longest residential blocks. The complex consist of of two identical towers and more than 1 km long housing block which contains 2,780 units. With an area of 70 acres (28 ha) the population density rivals that of the island of..

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Alexandra Road Estate

London, United Kingdom
by Neave Brown

Alexandra Road is London terrace house with the design of high-density public housing. Alexandra road represents the application of the terraced theme on an enormous scale.

The long site is consisted of three parallel rows of dwellings. Two rows of terraced apartments are aligned along the..

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The first large and at the same time the most important work of Skibniewska was the project of Sady Zoliborskie (1958-72) - a settlement considered one of the best residential complexes in post-war Poland, which was realized by working in Warsaw Housing Cooperative. It was designed by taking into..

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Justus van Effen Complex

Rotterdam, Netherlands
by Michiel Brinkman

Located in the Spangen neighborhood of Rotterdam, a residential area initially developed for the city’s port workers, the complex was designed by Dutch architect Michiel Brinkman in 1922, becoming what Hebly called “the apotheosis of Dutch functionalism.” Brinkman was an experienced architect of..

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