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Paul Landon

Montreal, Canada
born 1961, Rudgwick

Paul Landon is visual and media artist. His artistic practice and research focus is on notions of wandering, architecture and urban transformation. He works with video, sound, photography, drawing and the relationships these media have with architecture and spatio-temporal perception. His artwork..

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As speculative practices accelerate urban transformation, the city adorns itself in images of what it is to become in the future. This future never fully attained leaves these images lingering and fading, dissolving into a ruptured matrix of urban decay and unfinished potential. Rather than..

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Lucia Tahan

New York, USA
born 1989, Madrid

Lucia Tahan established her architecture practice in 2013 focusing on independent research at the intersection of architecture and politics and the construction of alternative housing for private clients. She studied Architecture and Urban Studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid,..

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Return to Zion

Jerusalem, Israel
by Lucia Tahan

Tactics for the return of Israeli settlers within the political fiction of a West Bank decolonisation. In 2016 the UN declared Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal. A material aspect is prominent in the debate about their evacuation: the reintegration of settlers into Israeli territory. Add to a collection

Sebastian Ernst

Berlin, Germany
born 1987, Berlin

Sebastian Ernst, born in Berlin, studied architecture at TU Berlin and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ( ETH Zurich). After working for Barkow Leibinger he freelanced for several firms. He worked as a student assistant at the chair of Prof. Ute Frank at TU Berlin, for Christ..

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Ljubljana-Belgrade-Zagreb-Kiev-Rome-Wroclaw, Slovenia
by Miloš Kosec

The post-industrial age rediscovered the fascination with ruins: from shabby chic to ruin-porn, the imprint of decay on repetitive standardized production serves as a trigger of commodification. The project of Ruincarnations counters existing ruin-porn imagery and fetishizations of decay with..

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TAB collective

Vienna, Austria
est. 2016, Vienna

TAB is a workgroup based in Vienna, Austria. We focus on socio-political topics in connection with architecture and design. In our theoretical and architectural projects, we aim to question current agendas and strive for different solutions. The collective's contributors are Philippe Jans,..

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[h] About [/h]

The Golden Age of Nothing arose out of the political research and the engagement in considering consequences, caused by nowadays global political actions and decisions.

Based on the events in 2015, happening in and around Europe, the published work, The Golden Age of Nothing..

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SET Architects

Rome, Italy
est. 2015, Rome

SET believes in an essential architecture based on simplicity as a response to the complexity of the functional program.

SET has won several awards including Dedalo Minosse and NIB New Italian Blood and has been selected for the BigMat'17, Architizer A+, Archdaily – Building of the year. The..

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Julian Jauk

Graz, Austria
born 1992, Graz

Julian Jauk, born 1992 in Graz, Austria, studied architecture at the Graz University of Technolo-gy and philosophy at the University Graz since 2014. He is working as a freelancer in the fieldsof architecture, graphic design, media arts and sound.

Since 2015 he is working as a student..

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A living piece of architecture is a conceptual utopian design for housing beyond smart homes, intended to overcome existing dualisms such as digital and material, artificial and natural. The kinetic, photosensitive and adaptive model shows a type of architecture that constantly changes its..

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Piyush Prajapati

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
born 1991, Bhopal

Piyush Prajapati, after graduation in 2014, has maintained a good reputation with some of the prestigious Architectural Competition and Community worldwide. He has an approach on how architecture in future could be answers to all the hitches we face today. He has gained wide creative approach..

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Babau Bureau

Venice, Italy
est. 2014, Venice

Babau Bureau is a project bureau based in Venice led by Marco Ballarin, Stefano Tornieri and Massimo Triches, architects and PhD in Architectural Composition at University Iuav of Venice. Babau Bureau focus on a holistic approach, refuses the idea of unique style and believe in the necessity of..

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Spaces in where we live still appear inadequate to welcome the “diversity” or the “disability”. The architectural barriers don’t concern only the wheelchair users but a wider overview of difficulties.
This is a prototype which intends to overcome the common physical accessibility concept..

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Architecture was born when humankind began to organise its environment in order to create protected places from the adversities of nature.

Today, we are witnessing a strong demographic increase that comes together with a vertiginous expansion of the urban pattern, soil consumption and waste..

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Tania Tovar

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1989, Madison, Wisconsin

Tania Tovar is an architect, writer and curator with an interest for narratives where architecture stands as main character. She is founder of Proyector, a curatorial platform an exhibition space based in Mexico City fostering architecture research projects, where she works as Director and Chief..

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How long does architecture last? According to ancient canons, the physical actions of architecture and its traces on earth were intended to endure. Confident in its solidity and strength, it portrayed its aspirations of permanence and immutability. However, what happens when a building ceases to..

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Kunik de Morsier

est. 2010, Lausanne

No More Information Available.

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Miruna Dunu

born 1991

Miruna Dunu is a visual designer with an architectural background. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architecture (2013) with First Class Honours from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and a Master of Arts in Information Design (2017) from the Design Academy Eindhoven,..

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est. 2017, Moscow

Phi is positioned at the intersection of human-centred design, peer-to-peer blockchain networks, and sustainable energy. We take a lean approach, leveraging our expertise in design, urban research, systems thinking, and anthropology to make renewable energy solutions easy to use.
The collective..

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