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Dobrava Floating Roof

Dobrava, Slovenia
by Oton Jugovec

Jugovec’s subtle towards nature, history (archaeology), tradition and construction is perhaps most clearly expressed in his smallest and simplest of projects – the protection building for Archaeological Findings of the Gutenwerth medieval settlement at Otok Pri Dobravi, the region of Dolenjska. Add to a collection

La Concha Motel

Las Vegas, USA
by Paul Williams

The La Concha Motel was opened in 1961[ and closed in 2004. It was designed by architect Paul Williams who was one of the first prominent African American architects in the United States and was also the architect who designed the first LAX [Terminal 1] theme building. It was located on the Las..

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Tuwaiq Palace

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
by Frei Otto

Tuwaiq Palace is located on a plateau on the northwest side of Riyadh’’s diplomatic quarter, where it enjoys an impressive view over the city and out to the Wadi-Hanifa beyond. It was originally designed as a diplomatic club but is now used by the Saudi Government as a hospitality center that..

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An experimental structure was erected on the university campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen in 1966 to test the construction and assembly of the Montreal pavilion. Frei Otto had fixed the size of this experimental structure (460 sqm of the roofed area) at a seventeenth of the area of the Montreal..

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The Baltic Station market is located in north Tallinn between the city’s main railway station and the popular residential district of Kalamaja. The nostalgic market, famous since 1993 for offering exotic post-Soviet experiences - especially for tourists - was quite the attraction with its..

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