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Berlin Interbau (1957)

Berlin, Germany
by Walter Gropius, ...

In 1948, Berlin was a divided city – the political split after the Second World War was finalised with currency reform and the blockade. The eastern and western sectors also chose different approaches when it came to urban development. Stalinallee in East Berlin and the West Berlin Building..

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Lima, Peru
by James Stirling, ...

PREVI—Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda—an experimental district collectively designed by a generation of radical avant-garde architects who converged on Lima (Peru) in the late 1960s, was a pioneering attempt to reconcile the conflicting forces of informal growth and top-down planning.


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Correa's scheme for PREVI development concentrates on two major design ideas: that of the minimisation of service infrastructure and the use of climate as a temperature regulator. This, in layout terms, resulted in buildings which are staggered along a community spine. The staggered party wall..

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The concept of low-density housing becomes an international and alternative to Latin America, other than the horizontal garden city of Howard and the vertical garden city (CIAM). The design was based on a proposal that started from the choice of a lot of 80 x 80 Mts. To the interior of which were..

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Valencia, Spain
by Vicente Guallart, ...

The Sociopolis project came into being to explore the possibility of creating a ‘shared habitat’ that would encourage a greater social interaction between its inhabitants, proposing new housing typologies in keeping with the new familial conditions of our time, in a setting of high environmental..

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The Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona is a dedicated to “cities and the phenomena they generate; because they have become the social, urbanistic and cultural catalyst of our times” and organizes exhibitions, music, dance, courses, debates, lectures, city walks. It is The CCCB is in the..

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Aranya, 6 kilometers from Indore, will eventually house a total population of 60,000 in 6500 dwellings, on a net planning area of 85 hectares. The master plan, prepared by the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation in 1983, is designed around a central spine comprising the business district. Six sectors, each..

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Colectivo Warehouse

Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2013, Lisbon

Colectivo Warehouse is an architecture and art collective, formed in 2013.

In their search for what architecture is nowadays and what role the architects play, Warehouse fundaments its architectural praxis through design, experimentation, mediation, civic participation processes, collaboration..

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Casa do Vapor

Almada, Portugal
by Colectivo Warehouse

Casa do Vapor is a small fishermen settlement, opposite of Lisbon, at the bank side of river Tejo. Part of the settlement has been declared a protected natural reserve and it’s not allowed to build on it. This protects it from massive touristic development but also predicates the existing..

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Myatt's Fields South Estate

London, United Kingdom
by Roger Westman, ...

Myatt's Fields South is a social housing estate located between Brixton Road and Camberwell New Road in South London. It is on land that once formed part of the Lambeth Wick estate. It was built between 1970 and 1984 with 470 homes on the North and 324 on the South.

The area to the West of..

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Geoffrey Darke

born 1929, Evesham, Worcestershire

Geoffrey James Darke (1 September 1929 – 8 November 2011) was a British architect, who together with fellow architect John Darbourne founded Darbourne & Darke. He is best-known for his work on Lillington Gardens, social housing estate, in 1971.

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