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Phaeno Science Center

Wolfsburg, Germany
by Zaha Hadid, ...

The Phaeno Science center is the product of a radical design innovation that utilised digital animation as a conceptualisation tool for the spatial diagram of the building and it's content. In many ways a predecessor of parametric design, it first explored the methods for parametric engagement..

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
est. 2004, Frankfurt - Sydney

reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based architecture practice founded by the husband and wife team Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung in 2003. Beside architectural projects they are involved in curatory work, exhibitions, publications and academic research. Their interests cover the development of..

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Berlin, Germany
est. 2007, Berlin

anOtherArchitect [aA] was founded in 2007 by Daniel Dendra. The studio, based in Berlin, is a multidisciplinary platform for digital design with a focus on sustainable strategies, connections between virtual networks and urban design processes.

The digital platforms that anOtherArchitect has..

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