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Collectif Aman Iwan

Paris, France
est. 2015, Paris

Founded in 2015, Aman Iwan is an interdisciplinary collective, exploring social issues about territories and their populations. It aims to share knowledge and research about these territories – including through their bi-annual publications – in order to build a network on different scales. This..

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Casa do Vapor

Almada, Portugal
by Colectivo Warehouse

Cova do Vapor is a small fishermen settlement, opposite of Lisbon, at the bank side of river Tejo. Part of the settlement has been declared a protected natural reserve and it’s not allowed to build on it. This protects it from massive touristic development but also predicates the existing..

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Iva Čukić

Belgrade, Serbia
born 1983, Beograd

Iva Čukić was born in Belgrade. In 2008 she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where she earned her doctoral degree in urban planning. The areas of her research include public space, self-organisation, DIY philosophy and urban-cultural discourse. In 2010 she co-launched one of..

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Ministry of Space

Belgrade, Serbia
est. 2011, Belgrade

Ministry of Space is a collective from Belgrade was founded in 2011 with the aim of reflection on the future of cities. The scope of the Ministry of the urban transformation of Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, which closely monitors and responds to that. The group is their joint work..

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