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Jure Kotnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1980, Slovenj Gradec

Jure Kotnik is a Slovenian architect. He founded his architectural office in 2006. Arhitektura Jure Kotnik is located in Ljubljana and Paris.

The office works in various fields of architecture from research, design to consulting for various international clients. Office became widely known..

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Temporary Kindergarten Ajda

Ravne na KoroŇ°kem, Slovenia
by Jure Kotnik, ...

In a small Slovenian town close to the border with Austria kindergartens unexpectedly became too small for the increasing number of young children and the existing kindergarten infrastructure had to be quickly expanded to meet the rising demand. The original idea was to build a larger..

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Around 400 modules are stacked onto each other into two long volumes to make up the student dormitory Frankie & Johnny in Berlin Treptow. The Corten steel shipping containers are shifted slightly towards the outside and inside and create a playful architecture that at the same time is metaphoric..

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