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Dominikus Böhm

Cologne, Germany
born 1880, Jettingen

Dominikus Böhm (October 23rd 1880 – August 6th 1955) was a German architect well known for his expressionist church buildings. He was mainly active in Cologne, the Ruhr area, Swabia, and Hesse.

Böhm was born in Jettingen as the youngest of six children to builder and mayor Alois Böhm and his..

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Victor Djorbenadze

Tbilisi, Georgia
born 1925, Kharkiv

Victor Djorbenadze (1924 – 1999) was one of the remarkable architects of Georgia. He was studying architecture at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute in Tbilisi from 1940-1946. Upon graduation, he worked for the design and construction branch of Samtredia Ministry of Agriculture (1946-1952) before..

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Wotruba Church

Vienna, Austria
by Fritz Wotruba, ...

The Wotruba Church was built between 1974 and 1976 according to plans by the Austrian artist and sculptor Fritz Wotruba. It consists of 152 naked blocks of concrete that are arranged in a seemingly loose way, opening gaps that are filled with glass and that allow light to enter the building.

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The Jubilee Church, formally known as Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso (Italian for Church of God the Merciful Father), is a church and community center in Tor Tre Teste in Rome. According to Richard Meier, its architect, it is "the crown jewel of the Vicariato di Roma's (Archdiocese of Rome)..

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Hermann Baur

Basel , Switzerland
born 1894, Basel

Hermann Baur was a Swiss architect . He is one of the most important Swiss church architects in the 20th century. After completing his apprenticeship with the master builder Rudolf Linder from 1910 to 1917 , he lectured at the ETH Zurich from 1918 to 1919 with Karl Moser and Hans Bernoulli.
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Francesco Borromini

born 1599, Ticino

No More Information Available.

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István Szabó

Budapest, Hungary
born 1914, Budapest

István Szabó (20 June 1914 – 13 October 1988) studied at the Royal Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest in 1929-1935, and opened his own office in 1936. As most of the alumni of the Academy, initially Szabó defined himself as an interior and furniture designer. Exhibition interiors and pavilion..

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All Saints Church

Budapest, Hungary
by István Szabó

The Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Budapest-Farkasrét area stands on the hilly Buda side of the capital, right across the main entrance of the Farkasrét cemetery. Sculptural forms of the façade clearly show the public and sacral character. The building mass is split into two parts: the..

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Holy Cross Church

Budapest, Hungary
by István Szabó, ...

The church with the adjoining parish offices was erected on a rectangular plot. The main façade was originally dominated by the high-pitched pediment constructed of industrial glass on metal frames. The walls were erected using concrete slabs left raw, without insulation or plasterwork. The..

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Fritz Schaller

Cologne, Germany
born 1904, Berlin, mainly active in Cologne

Fritz Schaller (born May 29, 1904 in Berlin - March 4, 2002 Cologne) was a German architect. His most famous buildings are the Kalkbergstadion in Bad Segeberg and the Domplatte. in addition he designed numerous Catholic churches.

Schaller studied at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and..

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