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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
est. 2004, Frankfurt - Sydney

reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based architecture practice founded by the husband and wife team Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung in 2003. Beside architectural projects they are involved in curatory work, exhibitions, publications and academic research. Their interests cover the development of..

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Caldeira Figueiredo Architects

Esposende, Portugal
born 2000, Esposende

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Project 1: Commercial Design
Client: 870. Abu

A complete set of Commercial including Interior & Exterior with all facilities, Roof top, Swimming Pool, Lounge Area, Reception Area with modern furniture and natural shades of lighting. each area developed in detailing with full of accessories..

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Project 19: Purl Rendering
Client: 891. Anna
Location: Boston, USA.

Apartment buildings are an integral part of the real estate scenario. With major cities getting increasingly crowded, getting individual houses to live in is a luxury which only a few can afford. For the others, there are..

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