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Final Wooden House

Kamamura, Japan
by Sou Fujimoto

This bungalow designed by Sou Fujimoto is an extremely new approach to the definition of living space.
Lumber is extremely versatile. In an ordinary wooden architecture, lumber is effectively differentiated according to functions in various localities precisely because it is so..

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Michael Faraday Memorial

Southwark, United Kingdom
by Rodney Gordon

The Michael Faraday Memorial is a monument to the Victorian scientist Michael Faraday in Elephant and Castle, London, England.

The stainless steel box-shaped structure was designed by Brutalist architect Rodney Gordon in 1959 and built in 1961 on the centre of the northern roundabout of the..

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Nestled into a slope on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe, this one room sleeping cabin is a simple but sophisticated Canadian bunkie, evoking the “primitive hut” of branches constructed in the wilderness.

The fully insulated glass cabin is encased on three sides by cedar slats. A green roof..

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In order to meet the client’s budget goals, an efficient plan and cost effective selection of building materials reduced construction costs and led to the simple box design. The use of sheet materials both inside and out maximized material efficiency while emphasizing the simplicity of the..

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Alpine Cabin

Port Hardy, Canada
by Scott & Scott Architects

The cabin was constructed out of a desire to directly design and build as a singular act, to work with the freedom one experiences when snowboarding, and in a manner which is centered in the adventure and not bound heavily in pre-determination.

The structure consists of douglas fir columns,..

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Gunnar’s House

Os i Østerdalen, Norway
by Huus Og Heim Arkitektur

The house is built in a residential area in the forest in Os i Østerdalen in Norway. The client wanted to preserve as much of the site’s natural character as possible and build a house of wood, based on the traditional 6″ timber frame construction. On the basis of some fixed constraints, such as..

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This 2,200 square-foot residence is located on a Chesapeake Bay barrier island near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, an estuarine marshland ecosystem, and an important stop along the Atlantic Flyway. David Jameson Architect designed three structures to accomodate the clients needs of a..

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Chop Stick

Indiana, USA
by Visiondivision

Visiondivision‘s concession stand for 100 Acres, an Art & Nature Park in Indiana, is made entirely from one 100-ft yellow poplar tree. Not only does the trunk form the horizontal beam of the structure, but literally nothing of the tree was left to waste: bark became shingles; extracted pieces of..

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Juvet Landscape Hotel

Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway
by JSA

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located at Valldal, near the town of Åndalsnes in north-western Norway. Passing tourists are attracted by a spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge near the road, Gudbrandsjuvet. The client, Knut Slinning, is a local resident. The idea emerged as an opportunity to exploit..

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New Cabaña

Girona, Spain
by Hidalgo Hartmann

The structure and location of country houses is the result of a century-long study of ways to
overcome conditionings such as topography and climate, and search for integration and
harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Most country houses were built in phases, as one can see in the variety..

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São Chico Private Retreat

São Francisco de Paula, Brazil
by MAPA (MAAM + StudioParalelo)

A shelter for the weekends. That is the proposal of this house located in São Francisco de Paula, mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, 100 km away from Porto Alegre. Placed in the center of the area, surrounded by the forest, the house overcome a soft declivity, resting itself on a reinforced..

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Element house

Anyang Park, Korea
by Sami Rintala

I received an interesting invitation last May. In the Seoul metropolitan area there is a satellite city called Anyang, a small, in Korean context, suburban town with 700.000 inhabitants.
The city had decided to invite several international architects and artists to participate the design of a..

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