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Yakov Rubanchik

Petersburg, Russia
born 1899, St.Petersburg

Yakov Osipovich Rubanchik was part of the Asnova ("Association of New Architects"). It was an Avant-Garde architectural association in the Soviet Union, which was active in the 1920s and early 1930s, commonly called the Rationalists. The group received a boost when El Lissitzky became a proponent..

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Bat Yam Town Hall

Bat Yam, Israel
by Zvi Hecker, ...

Zvi Hecker founded a firm with Eldar Sharon (until 1964) and Alfred Neumann (until 1966). The physical and economic conditions in Israel at the time, allowed them to complete a fair number of works in a relatively brief period of time, which brought international attention.

Their joint works..

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Lingotto is a district of Turin, Italy, and the location of the Lingotto building in Via Nizza. This building once housed an automobile factory built by Fiat. Construction started in 1916 and the building opened in 1923. The design by young architect Matté Trucco was unusual in that it had five..

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Achille Bonito Oliva

Rome, Italy
born 1939, Caggiano

Achille Bonito Oliva (born 1939) is an Italian art critic and historian of contemporary art. Since 1968 he has taught history of contemporary art at La Sapienza, the university of Rome. He has written extensively on contemporary art and contemporary artists; he originated the term..

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