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Paris, France
est. 2003, Paris

AWP is an award winning interdisciplinary office for territorial reconfiguration and design. It is based in Paris and develops projects internationally working on a wide variety of programmes: architecture, landscape design, strategic planning, urbanism.

These projects only differ in terms of..

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Carlos Pascal Wolf

Mexico DF, Mexico
born 1956, Montevideo/Mexico DF

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Architecture creates a consistent environment in which nothing is left to randomness. Everything must be the product of project awareness.
Architecture creates spaces that are at the same time: functional, comfortable, efficient, cosy – familiar but surprising. Never stupidly creative.
A good..

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Odile Decq

Paris, France
born 1955, Laval

Odile Decq set up her own office just after graduating at La Villette in 1978 while studying at Sciences Politiques Paris where she completed a post-graduate diploma in Urban Planning in 1979.

International renown came quickly; as early as 1990 she won her first major commission: the Banque..

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Caramel Architekten

Vienna, Austria
est. 2002, Vienna

A new challenge every time – each project is a new challenge – this is our motto at Caramel architects.

Caramel relies on its successful participation in international architecture competitions and is often awarded contracts and commissions – including its most recent construction projects.
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Cité Arquitetura

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
est. 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Founded by partners Celso Rayol and Fernando Costa, Cité Arquitetura is a company that proposes to meet goals from an integrated look of the architectonic object and its interaction with the space and the city.

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Skupaj arhitekti

Ljubljana, Slovenia
est. 2011, Ljubljana

Together with our associates, we combine social affection and the desire to discover the beautiful. Not only do we design architecture according to various criteria, but we also have a preference for design that leads to a high quality of living for clients after the move. We believe that..

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Berlin, Germany
est. 2008, established in Paris, today based in Berlin and Nyons

ISSSresearch&architecture – Independent Structure for Sustainable Space research – is a studio founded and directed by Ingrid Sabatier and Stephan Schwarz. The research of ISSS is dealing with architecture, contemporary urban dynamics and the role and power of people’s engagement within the..

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This year edition of the Urbanize festival is highlighting the scalability of the diverse experiences of urban self-organization projects and initiatives and their potential for urban development by, with and for residents. The seventh year of the festival was organized the first time in Hamburg..

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Copenhagen, Denmark
est. 2006, Copenhagen

ADEPT is based in Copenhagen and works within the fields of architecture and urbanism. ADEPT was founded in 2006 by partners Martin Laursen, Martin Krogh and Anders Lonka.

ADEPT has a specific focus on the human scale in our cities and buildings to create a close relationship between..

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Angelo Mangiarotti

Milan, Italy
born 1921, Milan

Angelo Mangiarotti graduated in 1948 at Politecnico di Milano. In 1953-1954 he worked in the United States, participating also in the competition for Chicago "LOOP". While leaving abroad he knew Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Konrad Wachsmann. Coming back from..

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atelier qbe3

est. 2006, Cuneo

Atelier qbe3 was founded in 2006 by the idea of three young creative.

It is "a workshop of architecture and design", "a creative space", where we try to recover, with ideas and the result of our craft, what "our" landscape and "our" city have transmitted over time.

The main aim of the..

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History of Schwarzenberg

Heinrich Freiherr von Ferstel was the proprietor of the Palais Wertheim, which was built between 1864 and 1868. The Grey Theater of Palais Wertheim was directed by lady Valerie Gray. Grey was the daughter of a Hungarian general and part of the K.u.K. Hofburg-Theater..

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SET Architects

Rome, Italy
est. 2015, Rome

SET believes in an essential architecture based on simplicity as a response to the complexity of the functional program.

SET has won several awards including Dedalo Minosse and NIB New Italian Blood and has been selected for the BigMat'17, Architizer A+, Archdaily – Building of the year. The..

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The ca. 10.000 m² large concern offers office space for more than 500 people and public areas such as restaurants, gardens and fitness rooms. The lobby on the ground floor has been transformed into a sweeping shape and connects the two office towers which are linked to the lobby. The company’s..

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Corporate Offices

Mumbai, India
by NS3 Concept

Interior Design and Build for Corporate Office, Turnkey Contracting in Mumbai, India

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The design reflects a transformation of the company’s corporate identity into a built structure and its implementation in materials.

The “Wien Energie” brand and its characteristics are made tangible in this project.

High-tech design coupled with ecological principles lead to a..

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Zürich, Switzerland
by Fabio Don, ...

F.A.T. stands for forum for architecture theory. It is a horizontal teaching-learning program based on an open debate about fundamental topics concerning architecture. Its purpose is to allow emerging architects to define their own position through confrontation. It focuses on a specific topic..

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Kronos Homes launched the commercialisation of The Kube in Tarragona, a residential project designed by DNA Barcelona Architects. The Kube was born with the intention of providing Tarragona with a new image. It is a unique building with personality, which aims to be a new icon in the city.


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forty-five degrees

Berlin, Germany
est. 2019, Berlin

forty-five degrees is an open collective of architects and designers dedicated to the research and critical making of collective space.

forty-five degrees teams take different forms when engaging in collaborations with other experts, adapting to the project’s scope. In our practice,..

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