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Cabin, Irregular Box

Project timeline

2003 – 2003


Private House

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Zufferey+House Change this

Wallis, Switzerland
by Nunatak Sarl Architects Change this
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« L’Ardévaz », is the name of that mountain. It is located above the site at the north. Its shape and material structure is the unique inspiration to plan the house. Formally, the house looks like a stone block lying on the ground in a fragile balance. It is covered with a skin of natural slates.

The sloppy roof is in harmony with the east and west sides of the mountain. The fitting’ slates is an image of the stone stratum.
The openings remind of the horizontal marks of the old career’s path.
Their dimension and position frame the landscape from the first front to the background: vineyards, hillside and mountains.

The unusual aspect of the project does not respect exactly the rules of the local construction regulations. It was finally considered, with courage, like a variation of the traditional roof to two flaps.



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