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Social Justice, Public Engagement, Board Games, Climate Change, Future Architecture Platform

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January 2015 – ?


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The Other 99%, by Shiyun Fan, Seungah Lee, Huaye Wei, an ...

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Win-Win is a series of board games that play out climate risk scenarios. Win-Win models the impacts of sea level rise on real estate markets, social equity, and collective life. The games embody two kinds of ‘models’—economic and architectural—to serve as a new kind of decision-making tool for today’s risk society.

Games shown here were created by Janette Kim at CCA Urban Works for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (Barterland); and by students led by Janette Kim at California College of the Arts (Flip This Hood), Syracuse University (The Other 99%) and Columbia University (Delirious D.C.).


  • Urban Works Agency (UWA)


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