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1972 – 1975


Mixed Use

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Carrer Indústria 12
08960 Sant Just Desvern

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Anna Bofill, Ricardo Bofill, Salvador Clotas, Ramón Collado, José Agustín Goytisolo, Joan Malagarriga, Manuel Nuñez Yanowsky, Dolors Rocamora i Serena Vergano

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Sant Just Desvern, Spain
by Ricardo Bofill Change this
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Walden 7 is inspired in vernacular architecture. This residential building built in 1974 by Ricardo Bofill consists of a fourteen-storey cluster of apartments grouped around five courtyards. With few exceptions, all apartments face both outwards and into one of the courtyards. The multi-level construction features a system of access bridges and balconies, generating a variety of vistas and precincts. The facade has the appearance of a huge, red fortification. It connects to the exterior through large urban windows several storeys high. The courtyards stand out vibrantly in deep blue, violet and yellow surfaces. The apartments, made by combining square 30m2 modules, come in different sizes, ranging from the single-module studio to the four-module apartment, either single or duplex.


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