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Summer House

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1966 – 1977


Private House

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36.813124; 25.849757
84008 Lefkes, Amorgos Island

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Lefkes, Amorgos Island, Greece
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In 1966 Iannis Xenakis built this villa on the Greek island of Amorgos for his daughter who was married to the French composer François-Bernard Mâche. The building complex is located on the slope of a hill, overlooking the northern coast of the Tirokomos gulf, near Lefkes.

The House in Amorgos was considered a personal challenge for the re-invention of the design process and the redefinition of the dwelling itself. It is an architectural event. Each of the four volumes is a separate room (living room, dormitory-cum-guestroom, bedroom and bathroom), laid out at the same level on a slight curve parallel to the hill. An exterior corridor connects the rooms, while verandas and open sitting areas are fitted in between the independent volumes. The composition combines elements of traditional architecture with some basic principles of the modern movement, as well as Iannis Xenakis’s personal investigations.


Posted by archibald | Friday, December 20th, 2013 | 09:06am
Hi there! According to the dates, the building was finished in 1977. Maybe Xenakis decided to dedicate the hose to his daughter along the way. Do you have more information? We would love to know more.
Posted by Guest | Sunday, December 8th, 2013 | 15:33pm
Makhi Xenakis was born 1956, which means that she could not have been married to Mache in 1966!

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