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January 31st, 2013

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Valmann Lounge Club opened in Zürich in september 2009. The club works as a bar during the day and as a lounge/dancing club during the night. The design concepts are the following: ECOSUSTAINABILITY: all the materials are eco-sustainable (faux leather; low-consumption led lighting system; eco floor varnishes); ECONOMY: though all the features are tailored to the small individual environment (long and narrow) their production costs are very low; DURABILITY: the design wants to be cool but ageless; it wants people not to know where they are or have any sense of time. The design and the material are elegant, anything that would specifically date the club is recessed from view. This Club is projected into the future because it gives the impression that it can be just as it is for years. INTERCHANGEABILITY: the club has to free the bar area in a very short time (small tables and pouffs go into the cylinders against the wall) in order to turn into a dancing club; UNPREDICTABILITY: from outside the club is not visible (the shop windows are blind and there are no signs to the point of being unnoticeable). Inside, the back lit wall and the cylindric sofas leant against it give a slightly surreal flavour to the environment, with an unpredictable and theatrical twist. It was important to create a sense of discovery.


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