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2006 – 2008



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Devinska ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana

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Trnovo Centre for the Elderly Change this

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The complex which unites two interconnected wings, home for the elderly and protected apartments, is located at the city gate, adjacent to the main city artery

The Trnovo Centre for the Elderly is located on the site of a former hospital in a central location close to the city centre. To the north, the views open up towards the two church towers of the Trnovo Church, the Ljubljana castle and the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps, while towards the south we can see the monument to Plečnik with the hill of Krim in the background. The Centre is divided into three functional parts: a home for the elderly, protected apartments, and the public commercial/business programme. The basic motif of the Centre for the Elderly is a clean volume with a flat cornice. The side facades are full, with cut-in fenestration – window niches. The eastern and western facades, inserted in the volume, are open and made more dynamic by means of colourful, painted rectangles. As an opposition to this arrangement, the building housing the protected flats is more closed towards the east and the busy Riharjeva cesta. The facade shell has cut-in vertical window openings and loggias. The northern and southern facades open up in the shape of a frame to direct the views. The interior is designed as a sequence of horizontal communication corridors, often extended or interrupted with common areas. These not only serve as passages but become a space of socialising and meeting.


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