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Hörwarthstraße 2
80804 Munich

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Tridom Puzzle

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Luca Mangold (Landscape Architecture)

Structural engineers
AKA Ingenieure

Structural engineers
IB Többen

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Bauphysik@integrierte Planung Kai Rentrop Wolfgang Sorge GbR (Building Physics)

Specialist services
IB Weidner, Osterrieder, Sobotta Penzberg (Fire Protection)

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The project comprises a two-storey extension and refurbishment of an existing apartment building. Designed by WUDA* Wurfbaum Dantas architects, the building is nominated for the Deubau-Prize 2012.

The apartment house is located in Hörwarthstraße close to the corner of Leopoldstraße in Munich. When it was built, it has the same height as the adjacent buildings. In 1930s the street was widened, but the height of the buildings was limited to six-storey.

Adding more floors to the building is only possible since 2009. The design of the three maisonettes is based on the idea of three mini houses on top of an apartment building comprising a gardening area for each of the maisonettes located on the rooftop. The architects' design goal was to create three equivalent but still individual flats.

Each apartment - one is 70, the others are 80 and 90 square meters - with facades to the three free sides of the building. Each faces to the north and south, each with an open floor plan and through skylights also the sky presents in all homes. Each of them has its own qualities with natural light, and they are like a house. This was possible because the two floors of each apartment is only partially over each other, and their volumes are fitted together like a three-dimensional puzzle.

The internal stairs are designed in two homes, similar to the so-called Chambortreppen, passing in opposite directions to each other. This saves space on one hand, and parts of the steps are visible of the neighbors in their own home in the other hand, reminding that you live next to each other.

From the rooftop there is one fantastic view of the Alps. The design offers a great home-landscape-feeling combining different views and orientations for all three flats.



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