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Forgotten Masterpieces, Socialist Yugoslavia

Project timeline

1949 – 1952


Monument & Memorial

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Trg narodnih herojev
1000 Ljubljana

Current state


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"Grobnica narodnih herojev"

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Tomb of National Heroes Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Edo Mihevc, Boris Kalin Change this
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The Tomb of National Heroes in Ljubljana, Slovenia is a tomb and a monument for the national heroes of the World War II resistance struggle in Slovenia, created in 1949. The designers of the tomb and the monument were the architect Edo Mihevc and the sculptor Boris Kalin. It stands next to Šubic Street (Šubičeva ulica), at the southern side of National Heroes Square (Trg narodnih herojev), west of the National Assembly Building. It has been protected as a cultural monument of local significance.

The tomb is located underground, and a monument in the shape of a sarcophagus stands beside it, in the shade of the trees on the western side of the National Assembly Building. Since it was installed, the monument has been modified several times and placed on a granite base. The eastern and western faces of the sarcophagus are covered by bronze reliefs depicting scenes from the Second World War. A patriotic epitaph, written by the poet Oton Župančič, runs along the top edge. It was designed in December 1948 as one of his last works and carved in 1949.



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